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Owners Ordered to Remove Large Dogs

In another post, I discussed a case where an owner was ordered to find a new home for their aggressive dog. This is not the only case that deals with a pet issue in stratas. There are at least three other notable cases with respect to pets.

In the first two cases, the owners were ordered to remove their large dogs from their strata lots because the dogs were larger than the bylaws permitted. In the case of Cowden v The Owners Strata Plan KAS 1104, 2018 BCCRT 126, the owner moved into the strata lot in March of 2017 with her two boxers. The owner and the strata got into a dispute over how to properly measure a dog's height and whether the boxers were over the height limit.

However, the bylaw stated that no dog were permitted "of a breed known to normally exceed 16 inches in adult height". The CRT agreed that the standard boxer breed exceeded 16 inches in adult height and agreed that the owner was in breach of the bylaws. The owner was ordered to pay $200 in fines, remove…

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