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New Procedure for Appealing CRT Decisions

Originally, anyone not happy with their CRT strata decision had to apply to the BC Supreme Court for leave to appeal the decision. As set out in my first post on this subject, there was a test to be met before the leave for appeal would be granted:  (a) whether an issue raised by the claim or dispute that is the subject of the appeal is of such importance that it would benefit from being resolved by the Supreme Court to establish a precedent;  (b) whether an issue raised by the claim or dispute relates to the constitution or the Human Rights Code; (c) the importance of the issue to the parties, or to a class of persons of which one of the parties is a member; and (d) the principle of proportionality. Essentially, this created a separate hurdle to be overcome before the decision itself could be appealed. Once the test was met, then the appeal of the decision could go forward.  Now, the interim step has been removed: people unhappy with their decisions no longer need to get leave to appe

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