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Noisy Strata Neighbours

I have, again, had the pleasure of successfully helping a client navigate the Civil Resolution Tribunal system in a dispute with a Strata Corporation and, in this case, noisy neighbours.

In the case of Moojelsky v The Owners, Strata Plan K 323, 2019 BCCRT 698, the owner lived in a condo style building with neighbours below and above her. Shortly after she moved into her strata lot in October of 2016, the owner experienced loud footsteps, the sound of children running, and, general loud noises from the unit above. Any attempts from the owner to deal with the neighbours were ignored by the neighbours and the noise continued.

A year later, the owner had a council president come into her unit to witness the noise first hand. The council noted that the noise was surprisingly loud and that she "actually expected a foot to come through the ceiling." The council president also confirmed that noises from the unit above her own unit were no where near as loud.

By January of 2018, the…

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